How Keto & Dieting Is Changing My Kitchen

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Hi lovelies...hope your week has been pleasant. If you are following me on instagram, you'll know that I've been ranting about #fitness #healthyfood #healthymeals #vegan #keto, etc. every possible hashtag that is related to fitness and healthy eating. Based on this post I shared few weeks ago, you also know by now that I'm working on loosing ALL the baby fat I gathered postpartum and even go down much more than my actual size before I got pregnant.

Sometime last year (at least that's when I stumbled upon them) a remarkable page/group, by name Ketogenic World started trending on Facebook. I'm guessing it was founded by a Nigerian because it's followers and fans are 95% Nigerian. I'll just sum it up by saying,

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"If you are struggling with your weight and you seriously want to lose those excess fat and yet you don't know Keto, you are wrong."

I guess there are no restrictions to adding/joining the group as I don't even know how I found myself there. They however have strict rules of not judging people by their sizes, the group is meant for encouraging and helping people learn how to change their diet to get REALISTIC weight loss results.

If you know about keto diet, keto Naija or Ketogenic World, then you are familiar with terms and hashtags like #ketoforlife #ketoisbae #ketodiet , #team2weeks, etc.

An interesting part of joining a Keto page is you are exposed to a whole lot of recipes, approved healthy food ingredients, meal and exercise routines that will help you through the process of weight loss.


Recently I started changing my diet to a healthier vegan one...I have not fully transitioned to a vegan diet (though I'm seriously considering it), I noticed that first it was mostly women, then men started joining too...people are becoming more aware of what they eat, what is healthy and what is not. I mean, the popularity keto has gained and how much impact it has made is such that even shops and malls are gradually beginning to sell some keto food ingredients. I was shocked to see psyllium husk in a normal everyday supermarket, more than once, some one saw me lurking around the vinegar counter and rushed to help me choose apple cider vinegar...they were so eager to help. Hence, keto is not just creating a healthy eating lifestyle, but creating a community of supportive people who are looking out for each others welfare. I remember running into someone at a salad shop trying to buy mint leaves, she smiled at me, then I asked, "is it for 'Flat tummy' water" she said, "Yes." that's how we started chatting...

Furthermore, from my experience, people close to me and all the fans and members of ketogenic world, keto naija, etc. women are changing their shopping lists...very soon, commodities like garri, a bag of rice...may become 'not so important'...maybe only for weddings, but when it comes to everyday meals, people will gradually stop patronizing these high carb foods.

As a Nigerian, we are raised to eat more carbs, average protein, medium fat and less vegetable. Hence our meals appear like this:

                                A  ✗                                                                               B  ✗

  rice1                 th (1)

                                                                                    C  ✓

[caption id="attachment_1899" align="aligncenter" width="532"]12353397_569281759891523_1918024127_n (1) Photo Credit: @Thechicnatural[/caption]

It is quite obvious that things are changing. While many people are still in the dark as to how much calories they eat in one high carb meal, there is a lot of unconscious awareness of healthy eating spreading in our society, and within a short while, more homes will adopt a much healthier eating/living lifestyle.

Another trend that spread like this was "working out", it wasn't really our culture, however in recent times, lots of gyms have sprung up and people are more conscious of the importance of exercise and staying fit.

Interestingly, shops are KETO shops springing up in major cities in Nigeria, thereby making products more accessible to dieters. One thing I know most people complain about is the fact that these products are usually quite pricey...which is why most folks believe it will be hard to get their entire family involved in maintaining a keto diet.


I now shop differently. When I go out to shop for groceries, I'm conscious of what ingredients are in the items I'm buying. I also noticed my list is filled with more veggies and proteins than my former high carb ones. It hasn't been easy I must say, trying to be consistent, especially among relatives and friends who don't understand why you need to eat healthy (or maintain a healthy diet) talk more of encouraging you. I now experiment with lots of veggies in my meals...and I must say, it is very exciting!

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The hardest part so far is trying to get my family involved without breaking the bank or giving up. However, I must say that it is quite relaxing to eat other meals apart from rice, beans and garri for a change, and even invent other cool ways of eating bread in a non-fat threatening way. I'm also having challenges getting family members to like what I cook...not that I can't cook (Of course I can...), I mean accept my new recipes. I may end up having to cook different meals...for myself, which will be tougher and more time consuming.

My weekly shopping has transformed from buying yams, bread, full cream milk to buying more cabbages, eggs, skimmed milk, lemons, cucumber, celery, almonds, etc. Sometimes, I must confess, I get lost as to what to prepare with all my veggies and canned veggie/protein goodies. I'm really training myself to accept and learn new ways to be excited about this diet challenge. I'm also still transitioning in ways like changing my oils (vegetable to coconut/olive oil), finding substitutes for sugar, etc.

It is usually not easy to let go of what you've been eating all your life, but the health benefits are totally worth it and I don't intend to quit anytime soon.

Are you on any diet? Kindly share your tips and recipes in the comments section

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