I've never been fat in my life...I mean, I may add weight seasonally, but not the very worrisome type. I don't also believe in the...'you gain weight as soon as you start giving birth' (mostly) African mentality. I have been 'mostly' inspired by celebrities who have nothing less than 2 kids and still look as though nothing like childbirth ever occurred in their lives. I know they are exposed to a wealth of technological/medical...stuff that help with that, but I'm more inspired by their determination to maintain their features even after childbirth.

...every now and then, when I come in contact with Nigerian mothers as well who still look good (fit and slim) after several pregnancies, I really give them a thumb's up and let them know I have such goals.

I'm wearing a girdle...some time in January
So here I am, at that point in my life, five months after childbirth...I mean...I love my baby so much..(I don't have a choice...can't help it)...but when I look at myself in the mirror, I don't like what I see. I feel as though I don't look good in anything, and I still look pregnant. It is partly the reason I didn't do much outfit posts, I was struggling with how I looked on pictures.

The most challenging part was the increased appetite after childbirth...I didn't even eat that much while I was pregnant. To get myself back to my usual appetite level was so difficult, and then comes the cravings...for ice-cream, cake, milk, groundnuts, etc. Eventually, I had to take the bull by the horn to start doing something about my weight. Most people will try to make you feel good by saying you look good...but I don't buy that!

Hello Keto...

I got inspired more about the 'before & after' images I saw on facebook about people who transformed by indulging in Keto Diet. I saw real life solution to weight loss, not just gimmicks or anything about taking drugs and stuff...just change up your diet...meals...exchanging stuff, like using almond flour instead of normal four or using stevia instead of sugar, etc...and boom! you are good to go!

Anyway, I couldn't cope with the keto diet. I just picked up some options it offers, mixed it up with a little tip here and there, and came up with a more realistic workable plan, suitable for my lifestyle.

Right now, I'm currently using a meal plan I created. I wish you can tag along on my weightloss journey, especially if you are going through same stuff as I am...let's make it together. gradually as I progress, I will constantly update what I'm doing to get my ideal size.

without girdle (january 2017) i.e 3 months postpartum...

For now, I feel more comfortable in outfits that are free and don't show my excess tummy...though, sometimes I wear fitted clothes (and totally not care about the tummy). I also really enjoy my je/leggings...they really don't disappoint at such a lime as this when most of my bottoms are saying "No!" to my mid-section.

I haven't got much dresses, though I hope to invest in a few evergreen pieces that will still be relevant, even after I'm back to my target size.

Right now, my best outfit set, is a free (or maxi) top and my jeggings. So dressing for work is usually a tug of war.

Not forgetting the fact that I cleared my wardrobe (as per 'minimal' restocking things) I'm still on it, hence there are a lot of wardrobe essentials that I still need to get.

Have you added weight before? Have ever struggled with your self-image? What solutions were proffered to you and did they work?

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