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As a company, we understand that without modelling the purposes of fashion will be defeated. And this has lead us to establish over 18 model training centres in Nigeria and one in Benin Republic. And we hope to keep increasing our reach by creating more centres. The purpose of this centres are to groom the models. They will learn all they need to know about runway, pageantry and product modelling for commercial purposes. In addition to all this, we want to raise models who will become worthy of emulation tomorrow. This has lead us to come up with a model workshop/seminar where we would invite women leading in businesses, modelling, fashion etc. to come and talk to these models and to groom them for leadership. Its our hope that after the camping retreat, the models will go home with the leadership spirit for enterprise and become captains in all their industries.


For the seminar/workshop and model retreat, we need 50 models to attend. The selected 50 will go through a process various online voting and screening in two separate stages to make it to the final and main event. The stages include the state audition and the regional audition.

The state auditions

The state auditions will be conducted in 10 different states to accommodate all the models who bought the form and also to ease their cost of transportation and accommodation. The auditions states include LAGOS, EDO, DELTA, IMO, ANAMBRA, ABIA, BAYELSA, OSUN, RIVERS, ABIA and AKWA IBOM. Models who bought the forms are to come for to the various state audition venue close to them. Those that meet up the basic criteria to contend for the face of the brand would be selected for the regional auditions.

Regional auditions

The regional auditions will take place in 3 regions- Rivers (portharcourt), Edo (benin city) and Lagos (lagos). At the regionals, all selected models will undergo photo sessions. This pictures will be uploaded to the website where the proper voting will take place. It is purely on merit as only the top 50 votes would automatically make it to the final stage/main event.

Final stage/main event

The top 50 would be required to come to camp for the retreat and model workshop. Here, they will have the privilege of learning from the very best in various industries and how they can become more reputable in their various endeavours. Also the models will have vip treatment.
There would be burn fire night/talent show, jogging exercises and rallies, picnic at the beach, movies at silverbird cinema, model photo festival etc.

What we hope to achieve after FACE OF NAIJA FASHION HOME

We hope that at the conclusion of the contest, we would have raised models with character and discipline for leadership. We want to adjust a mind-set concerning modelling especially in this part of Africa where models are seen as indecent and immoral just because a few have decided to become a wrong example of what the industry is supposed to be. Naija Fashion Home want to start a new trend and a new breed of models that would not just become strong and independent in thought, but also women who will go and become leaders and captains of industry. If at the end of the exercise 10% of the attendees become what we hoped, then our goals are achieved.


This is the pilot edition, so we made the prices realistic and very reachable for the brand. We also took into cognisance the fact that most of the contestant’s falls into the 18-28yrs age bracket. This went a long way in determining what prices we would put on the table for them.

FIRST PLACE PRICE – refrigerator, skin care allowance for 1yr, VIP access to all NFH events, brand ambassador of NFH for 1yr and 150,000 naira.

SECOND PLACE PRICE – plasma TV, skin care allowance for 1yr, VIP access to all NFH events, brand ambassador for NFH for 1yr and 100,000 naira

THIRD PLACE PRICE – generator set, skin care allowance for 1yr and 50,000 naira

FOURTH AND FIFTH PLACE PRICE – microwave and skin care allowance


The form for the FACE OF NAIJA FASHION HOME costs ₦2000 naira. Pay this fee into our account at Ecobank 3581155227 Ofurie Uzuazor. After payment, go to our website and click on the FACE OF NAIJA FASHION HOME PAGE then fill in your details and also the teller number and depositors name. A message will be sent to you immediately after payment is confirmed.

Four more details about this contest, please call us on 07018436588, 08143776940 and 09068005463.

You can also call any of the following numbers in the states you are in and our contact manager there will attend to you.

LAGOS 08033839149, BAYELSA 08065193738, ENUGU 09066610882, EDO 08099260317, DELTA 07085447673, ABIA 08141204125, OSUN 08110151445, ANAMBRA 08170096500, RIVERS 07030784944, IMO 09039388559, AKWA IBOM 08137037139
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