Nude + White Cut Crease on Burgundy Lips

I'm so excited to share my first look after such a loooong time. Being that I have been struggling with acne for sometime now, I feel really happy when I create looks that cover all that, which is why I'm inspired again to share my looks with you, to encourage someone out there who might be struggling with one skin problem or the can still look good...against all odds.

if you notice, my edges are not full, due to some 'crochet braids errors' I made last year, so I'm working on growing them back...anyway, back to this look.

Today I'm wearing a nude-white cut crease eye on burgundy lips. This look was inspired by Reyse Mcpherson, my current 'makeup vlogger' obsession. Her routine is simple and yet glamourous. I love the fact that her looks are not limited by the walls created by 'trends'. I would have  loved to achieve this look with a liquid eyeshadow (which she used) instead of one with a powder base (which is what I have)...well, it turned out great!

SO if you are looking for a makeup routine that is really great, without too much emphasis on 'trends', check out this youtube vlogger.



KOHL eyebrow pencil

MILANI concealer

MARY KAY foundation



Milani concealer

L. A. Girls Nude palette

SANTEE Beauty Hit List Palette

JORDANA Best Extreme  Lengthening Mascara in 303 black

USHERS eyeshadow palette



DAVIS brown eyebrow pencil

CLASSICS matte lip gloss in color vip

MARY KAY lipstick in sugar plum



NIVEA MEN After Shave Balm (primer)

CLASSICS powder and foundation palette

Markwins powder (bronzer)

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