When Life Gave Me Gorgeous

by - November 19, 2016

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It was around 3:00am on September 28th when I  woke up to pee as usual that I realised something was different. being my first pregnancy and all, I noticed some sort of liquid was still dripping down my legs.😖 I mean I know 'preggas' have lots of peeing sessions in a day, but it's not like it occurs in seconds right? 😐

...I stood up for a while by the bed, and within a few seconds, water was all over the place. That's when I beckoned on my sister. We left for the hospital around 3:15am.

For the most part of the 29th, I lay in wait for labour, but it was not forthcoming. Eventually, it was induced. After 7 hours of the most excruciating pain 😓😓😓 I have ever felt in  my life, called 'labour', this beautiful princess was brought fought on October 1st. I wept at the very sound of her cry. I couldn't believe that this priceless gift from God growing in my womb for the past eight months plus was finally here. 😌

...she wasn't just here, she arrived safe, sound, all parts of her body complete and she is beautiful.
I couldn't help but mutter words of thanksgiving to God for this amazing gift He gave me. 

It was one of the best moments of my life. My family members, from my sweet husband to my siblings who came in from different parts of the country just to witness her arrival and also support us. It was a great day for us.

I call her Miss Independence...my super model. 💓😘😘😘😘

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