How To: From Straight 'Dreads' To Curly With X-pression Besta

Hi friends. Welcome to my blog if his your first time...if not, it's good to have you back!
I decided to try something different with my X-pression Besta after having it on for about 4 weeks. I took one strand from the extra packet, twisted and
rolled it round a roller and soaked it in hot water , after which it curled. 

Excited, I decided to try it on the whole hair.
If you've seen other posts on crotchet braids, then you would already know the routine. Since the braids were already on, all I did was to DIY twist out the braids in pairs of 4 and 6, then rolled the whole hair using plastic curling 'rods'.

Finally, I went to the salon to complete the look by dipping them into hot water. The outcome was amazing! 

If you are quite good at wearing a hairstyle for a long time, you can actually wear this new look for another 4 weeks or more. Don't forget to wash your hair or treat it with hair oils and moisturizers to renew its shine.

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