Beautty Haul: August Favourites!

by - October 02, 2015

August was a very busy month for me. It's supposed to be a holiday, but I found myself working everyday, even weekends. However, you realise that it's worth it at the end of the day. As a beautilicious lady, you can't take my mind off beauty. It's not that easy. I may not have enough time to apply makeup or dress up or even blog, but baby, I definitely will still out time to shop
one or two beauty products. Now i understand why people are called shopaholics sometimes. I get asked sometimes, "What do you need all that lipgloss for?" And I'm like, "Girl, they are in different shades."

Last month, in the midst of all the busy(ness), I stole this opportunity when I walked into this wholesale shop where i went to buy some work-related resources when i stumbled upon some cute set of brushes and lipgloss. I couldn't help it. I had to buy some...I mean, I had to. In fact, it was necessary that I do, so I did. 

First of all, I went for these brushes (above) 'supposedly' by Mac (The two big ones aren't Mac).

I love these L. A Pride  COLORstatement lipgloss. They are fantastic: long-lasting and really glossy. Though the shades are still close, but a girl can't have too many pink lipgloss. *winks*

This blue mascara by Tara is amazing, It lasts long and really separates the lashes. It also gives your eyes an extra pop, in a very different way compared to a black mascara. It is not better than a black mascara, just different.

So far, its been difficult to find a blending foam, but I was glad when i saw this one in one cosmetics shop, I think I'm going to two or three more of those. It really makes it easy to blend out concealers and even foundation if you so choose.

So there they are. My August favourites!

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