Shop-Hauling @ Barbie Supermarket

by - August 09, 2015

   Though quite petite when compared to other large malls in FCT, this beautiful place is one of my favourite shopping centres in the city. I could drive all night (like Celine Dion) just to go shop there. 

I just love the atmosphere in the place, the well trained members of staff and the fact that this automated voice just yells, “Welcome to Barbie Supermarket. Please enjoy your shopping.” as soon as you walk in. The staff are so friendly and patient and will take time to answer your questions and ensure customer satisfaction. Kudos guys!

Well as you know, and if you don’t, let me enlighten you…once I step into a mall my eyes goes straight for the beauty section and then clothes. And as usual, I dare not leave without picking a thing or two.

So here are a list of more beauty acquisitions. Remember to click the links to find out more about some of these products.

 I will be doing a review on some of them very soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you for visiting!

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