Beauty Tips: My 2 Secret Unconventional Beauty Items

We all have that beauty item that works for us which other people may find weird. so today I want to let you in on my two favourite unconventional beauty items.

I discovered them this year. one was during my makeup training and the other was shared by my favourite accomplice in big sis.  The first item is:

1. Shea Butter: I've always known what Shea butter is, however, my knowledge about its uses was quite limited. I thought it was just for massage and application on scars, however, during my make up classes earlier this year, I discovered it was a major kind of eyeshadow primer. When applied at the base before your eyeshadow application, it gives your eyeshadow more shine and makes it more pronounced. Without a primer, you get to apply lots and lots of layers of eyeshadow before it begins to show. Also, it gives a lasting result. Using Shea Butter as eyeshadow primer makes your eyeshadow last until you're ready to wipe it off. It is also a good moisturiser for the eyes and the under eye part too. It clears all those dark edges around the eyes, giving you an even more natural tone. I always apply it on my eyelids and under eye before I star applying my eyeshadows.
Shea Butter
2. Mist Mag: This one is another form of primer. Trust me, I also had my doubts too when I heard about it, and I also found it very ridiculous, however, one of the qualities of a beauty blogger is the boldness to try new products...or beauty routines. this is because, people look up to you for advice and tips, so if you don't do the research, who will? Anyway, this product is actually a drug called Mist Mag (Milk of Magnesia). It's used normally to treat heart-burn, however, beauticians have discovered it to be a very good facial primer. NOTE: some people claim to have breakouts after     using it, (it didn't happen to me). I have used this stuff for more than 4 months and I don't/didn't have any breakouts...though it is supposed to do the job of a primer, for my skin, it is quite oily, so the oil on my face still comes out later on in the day. If you can lay your hand on Phillips Milk of Magnesia, that's the one I'd recommend.

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So there it is...stay tuned for more beauty tips and secrets. 

Do you have any secret beauty products that works for you? Share in the comments if you don't mind *winks*


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