Makeup Myths; What Are Drugstore Products and What Is Cheap?

by - June 15, 2015

Hi friends,

Today I decided to share some thoughts with you on the concept of “drugstore”. I don’t know what it means or what it’s about. I have asked severally, but I was told once that it is a beauty product sold
in a drugstore or something like that. Then, I see MUAs on YouTube or Instagram listing L’Oreal, Black Opal, etc as drugstore products. That makes no sense!

Then, there is this popular statement like, “I used cheap/drugstore products like Zaron, Tara, Black Opal…” Are you kidding me? Who said those makeup items are cheap? Or that they should be classified as drugstore? Really. I love makeup, but I think the makeup world is turning into Hollywood where what matters is the price tag and not the results you get from what you are using. I mean, I have used so many bathing soaps that is supposedly meant to make me “lighter” or “prevent skin discolorations” and they are not cheap…and yet I got nothing. The ones that really give me that natural look I love are the non-expensive “drugstore” products. Really, I think calling products like Zaron, Tara, L’Oreal, etc cheap is an insult (though the brand doesn't mind).

I was watching Jackie Aina's vlog on ‘Seven Reasons Why Your Makeup Suck’ and she made some good points. Ladies, we take something artistic and creative and turn it into a competition. We all want to look like Kim Kardashian. So everyone is into contouring, whether or not it looks good on you. Well, know this. If you ain’t got a slim pointed knows, you ain’t got it! Drawing it on your Face won’t make you suddenly beautiful. If you are not confident in your beauty, contouring your face will only make you feel more inferior because underneath all that makeup, you know It isn’t you. And it’ll only increases your insecurity.

Back to drugstore. I don’t believe in it. I’ll tell you what I believe in. I believe in brands like Motives Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Mac, L’Oreal, Mary Kay, Zaron, Tara, etc Nevertheless, I also believe in Island beauty, Jacklyn, Ushers, Miss Rose, etc. you mix It up. Spice it up. I think the focus on makeup as an art should be on what gives you the desired result/effects. I have used some brands that I wouldn’t dare try ever again. For instance, Jordana Mascara, but I love their liquid eyeliner. Zaron concealer gave me rashes once, and I never tried it again, but I love their eye pencils and their volume mascara is awesome!

So it’s all good if your makeup is expensive or cheap, so long as you’re getting what you want. Don’t let the hullaballoo of brands and price tags drive you crazy. When you make up and upload pictures, no one knows what you used until you start analyzing it by listing the Makeup details. So if you are like me that does not care, you can always share your details without taking cognizance of what people think about your products.

Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to speak the minds of some people out there. Check my latest updates for other stories you might be interested in.


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